Yuneec Breeze Portable Drone Review, Bundles, Parts And Upgrades

Below you can find the best Yuneec Breeze bundle offers, parts, upgrades and accessories including batteries, chargers, props, shell, landing gear, motors, gimbals, cameras and much more.

The Yuneec Breeze is a lovable, small and compact quadcopter only released in August 2016. It’s a quadcopter which is easy to carry and yet takes excellent photos and film.

It is also very easy to fly. Filming is also very easy as the Yuneec Breeze has a number of autonomous flight modes. You also can use your smartphone as the remote controller.

Below, we highlight and review the Yuneec Breeze many points with a nice video at the very end.  Further down this post, you will find Yuneec Breeze deals, parts and accessories. The Breeze is very popular and getting great reviews all round.

Yuneec Breeze Review In Brief

Yuneec Breeze – Small And Light

It is less than 10 inches (24 cm) in diameter and it weighs just 13.5 oz (385 grams). You simply fold up the propellers and fit it into the Yuneec Breeze carry case. This drone then fits nicely into a shoulder bag. This quadcopter is really practical. Your smartphone serves as the remote controller with gives you live image transmission.

Yuneec Breeze Camera

The Breeze is equipped with a sensational vertically adjustable 4k UHD camera, which allows you to capture high quality video footage. It can also shoot 13 megapixel selfies and stills. The image quality is absolutely razor sharp, thanks to electronic image stabilization and the premium photo chipset.

Yuneec Autonomous Flight Modes

  • Pilot Mode –  You have total control over the Breeze and can manually steer it using your virtual control sticks or by tilting your smart device like an ordinary RC model.
  • Selfie Mode – This mode is perfect for selfies.  It’s easy to setup by simply using the slider in the app to set the distance and the height.
  • Orbit Mode –  This sets the Yuneec Breeze to orbit around you or any external object. The flight can be paused at any time.
  • Journey Mode – This autonomous flight mode allows your Breeze to fly away from you slowly and then back to you taking the same path while constantly tracking you in its viewfinder.
  • Follow Me Mode – Fly the Yuneec Breeze manually at the desired height and distance from which you want it to follow you. Activate the function and the Breeze will track your every movement.

Fly Indoors And Outdoors Safely

Thanks to GPS and IPS (Indoor Positioning System) the Yuneec Breeze can hold its position both indoors and outdoors. If you let go of the joystick, the Breeze will stay in the air until you take the control back again. This also works if someone telephones you on your smartphone or interrupts the connection while flying.

Breeze Cam App

Use the Breeze Cam app to manually fly the drone, use automated flight modes and edit photos. Share your photos and videos instantly to your favourite social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Battery Power And Return To Home

The Yuneec Breeze flight control system will repeatedly warn before battery power is down to 5 % so that the return-to-home feature doesn’t activate an automatic landing. You can activate the return-to-home feature at any time while flying. A rotor protector is also included in delivery.

Yuneec Breeze Bundles Deals

Yuneec Breeze Parts And Accessories

Yuneec Breeze Review & Flight Test

Here is a terrific review with flight testing using all the various Breeze autonomous modes.

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