Below you can find the best DJI Mavic Pro bundle offers, parts, upgrades and accessories including batteries, chargers, props, shell, landing gear, motors, gimbals, cameras and much more.

The Mavic Pro fold up is the latest consumer drone from DJI. It flies super stable indoors and outdoors. It has many autonomous flight modes and a 4k camera making this a very versatile drone.

The Mavic Pro can be used for professional filming, 3D imaging and Photogrammetry. It can also be mounted with multispectral sensors which has many uses.

DJI Mavic Main Features

– Small fold up drone
– Very easy to fly and film with
– Fly with remote controller or smartphone
– 4k Camera and films beautifully
– 4.3 mile FPV range
– 24 powerful core processors
– Obstacle avoidance using 5 Vision sensors
– Super stable flying indoors and outdoors
– Precision stabilized 3-axis gimbal
– Many autonomous flight modes
– Very affordable

The Mavic Pro has many autopilot modes which make flying and filming so very simple. Here is a look at the Mavic Pro autopilot modes. ActiveTrack is the intelligent technology which gives you the various autopilot modes to follow, track and film with. The Mavic Pro has the following autopilot modes.

Spotlight – circle, follow behind or in front on an subject while stationary or moving.
Profile – fly alongside the subject
Trace – keep the camera targeted on the subject while the Mavic flies
Terrain Follow Mode – Program the Mavic to fly as the same level above ground no matter what the terrain is
TapFly – tap the screen and the Mavic will fly in the straight line you tapped in the DJI Go App

DJI Mavic Bundle Offers

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