Best DJI Mavic Mini FlyCam Drone Bundles, Combo Offers, Parts And Accessories

Below, you will find the best Mavic Mini bundles and combo offers now available.  Generally if you buy the Mavic Mini or any drone, you will always end up buying extra accessories. So the best option is to get a very good bundle deal right at the beginning.

The essential Mavic Mini combo bundle should have extra batteries, charging hub, propeller guards, backpack bag, microSD card, cables and microfiber cleaning cloths.

Mavic Mini Features

If you are looking at a new drone, which is very reasonably priced, then the Mavic Mini will be perfect.  It was only released on October 30th, 2019. It is small, flies super stable and films beautifully.

DJI really squeezed in a lot of excellent features into such a small quadcopter. Here are just a few of the Mavic Mini features;

  • 30 minutes flight time.
  • Dual GPS & GLONASS satellite navigation.
  • 249 grams (8.78 ounces) weight.
  • Max speed of 29 mph (46.8 km/h) flying in Sports mode.
  • Wind speed resistance of 17.9 mph (28.8 km/h).
  • Max video transmission distance is 2.48 mile (4 km).
  • New C-Mode (Cinesmooth) flight mode.
  • 4 quick shot autopilot modes (Rocket, Dronie, Circle Helix).
  • Top quality camera.
  • Return To Home safety features.

You can read a full review of the Mavic Mini including videos in our article “Mavic Mini FlyCam Review, Specifications And FAQs“.

Now, lets take a look at the Mavic Mini bundles, combos and accessories available.

DJI Mavic Mini Combo Bundles And Accessories

Mavic Mini Direct From DJI

Below we have listed the best Mavic Mini bundles on Amazon. You have also the excellent option of buying the Mavic Mini direct from DJI here.

Mavic Mini Bundles And Combo Offers

DJI Mavic Mini Parts And Accessories

Even though the Mavic Mini has only been released for a few months, there is a terrific selection of Mavic Mini parts, upgrades and accessories already on the market. As more DJI Mavic Mini parts and accessories become available, we will continue to add to the selection below.

DJI Mavic Mini Parts, Upgrades And Accessories

DJI Mavic Mini Upgrades, Parts And Accessories

Mavic Mini Upgrades And Parts

Mavic Mini DIY Articles

Here is some terrific Mavic Mini DIY articles;

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Mavic Mini FlyCam Review Video

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